Who am I? What’s my Real Identity?


Ajeta “AJ” Sinha, SVP – Global Sales, Net2Source Inc.

Who am I? Who defines it? Is it my gender, my color, my religion, my ethnicity, my profession and so on… the list is endless …in short, what people around think of me, defines who I am. Ironical but true!

All our lives, we have been stereotyped by people around us. The way we look, the way we dress up, the way we behave, the way we walk, talk, eat, laugh or do anything we will always be JUDGED!

BUT, I refuse to carry the burden of letting others define my identity.

I am who I want to be.

If having an opinion means being Headstrong, then, Yes I am.

If refusing to be submissive means I am a Rebel, then, Yes I am.

If giving importance to my career means I am Ambitious, then Yes I am.

If living my life on my own terms means being Snobbish, then Yes I am.

If pampering myself and my dear ones mean I am a Spendthrift then Yes, I am.

If not being able to mingle with people I cannot relate with means I am Anti-Social, then yes, I am

If I am not easy to please means I am very Difficult, then Yes I am.

If I don’t settle with anything average means I am Demanding then Yes, I am.

If people aren’t able to see the struggle and hard work to be where I am and think I just got lucky, then, Yes I am.

If being comfortable in my skin makes me old fashioned, then, Yes I am.

If being cautious about my choices makes me Conservative, then, Yes I am.

If taking charge of things means I am being the Man of the house then, Yes I am.

If taking pride in being a woman means I am a Feminist, then, Yes I am.

At this juncture of my life, I refuse to let others dictate their terms to me, instead, I want to take a stand for myself, good or bad, whatever happens, I should be accountable for my actions and words.

Why are women not allowed to live their life on their own terms? Why do we have a fear of being questioned for everything we do? Why do we let others validate us? Why do some feel it’s their birthright to suppress our conscious and inner voice? Why do we have to deal with gender biasness? Why are we supposed to move on when it comes to our dignity? Why do we have to make choices that make us compromise on our dreams?

If you are not happy, you cannot keep others around you happy, so start getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Don’t kill your dreams, don’t let someone define your limits. Never stop chasing your dreams, your life is a gift, you have a right to live it at your terms just like anyone else. Yes, we have more responsibilities being a woman but all of us know how to balance it, that’s why God gifted us to carry a baby in our womb because he knew, we have the power, perseverance, and endurance.

Being a woman is not easy, because our lives are about the choices we have to make, it wasn’t easy and will never be but we have to stand together to give a hand of support to each other when we need it the most.

Society will continue to judge us, rebuke our actions every time we stand for ourselves, but we have to preserve our dignity and honor, Don’t let yourself stoop so low that you stop respecting yourself for who you are. You should be able to look in the mirror and respect the woman you see.

We have to liberate our soul, our inner self to be WHO WE WANT TO BE and it takes guts, it needs confidence, it needs the willingness to give yourself a life you deserve.

Our self -respect and dignity makes us beautiful, don’t let others define your beauty, because we are born beautiful and blessed! Each day is our day, let’s celebrate life, let’s celebrate the spirit of womanhood!




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Ajeta Sinha
A strong client advocate who believes in innovation, transformation, adaptability, building and nurturing relationships to add value. Currently managing a Global business portfolio of $129 MN providing Contingent Staffing, SoW, RPO, Payroll Management, Managed IT Services and MSP in North America, Latin America,the US, Europe, ANZ and APAC regions.

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