Let’s think beyond and little differently.

This article is an attempt to share a perspective, I won’t say I am speaking on behalf of the Woman Fraternity but I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to this article as it’s not about me or anyone in particular but about all of us #soulvoiceofwomen

What’s keeping this world going? Is it Technology? Power? Money? Well, in reality its LIFE, preciously HUMAN RACE to make this geography/landscape a place to live in. God has empowered Women with biggest blessing which is to give birth and nurture a new life which is why the WORLD exists and why did he choose ONLY WOMEN?

Ajeta “AJ” Sinha, SVP – Global Sales, Net2Source Inc.

She is born with the power to endure all hardships and come out victorious.

She has the courage to stand alone if need be to protect her dignity and family.

She has the perseverance to make a brick and mortar house a home.

She has a big heart to make sacrifices without a regret to keep others happy.

She knows her life is not always about her, it’s about WE, US, OUR..

Her beauty is NOT skin deep – it’s not about looks always that makes her beautiful but how her actions and words make someone feel is her true BEAUTY. Her life revolves around her family always. She wants to be the BEST WIFE, BEST MOM, BEST DAUGHTER, BEST..BEST and BEST ….she doesn’t settle with anything average that easily. She wants to be the BEST at everything she does. Why is that? Why can’t she settle with Average? Her reward is – seeing her others around her happy and happiness doesn’t come with making average choices in life. Does it?

Isn’t it fascinating to see a woman manage her home, family, career and herself – we talk about being over burdened with work at office due to multi -tasking – we get tired, exhausted, sick like any other human may feel ….BUT has anyone felt how does a woman feel about working at home for years and years without a frown. She knows it’s never going to be easy but how many times does she give up? She continues to marry, raise kids, look after the family ….and it goes on generations after generations. The truth is no matter how difficult these choices may appear we honor our choices. We don’t like shrugging our responsibilities – our parents are still a part of us, we take care of them like they did when we needed them, we don’t feel the burdened o r obliged to take care of our family. We stand with them hand in hand in every walk of life.

For a woman her life revolves around people she loves and cares for – some people find it suffocating and blame it on her – A woman doesn’t let a man free? Well, that’s not how it is. She cares so she asks questions, your importance in her life makes her worry about you, she feels incomplete without you so she wants you to be around always. Is that CAGING someone? Some people call it FREEDOM at RISK if they have a woman in life but is FREEDOM being without her or feeling liberated when with her? I am not in favor of Obsession in any form but categorizing women as FREEDOM CAGERS is unacceptable.

Some say Women are Emotional – WHY shouldn’t we be? We think from heart – WHY shouldn’t we? Everything is inter connected for us – our heart, mind, soul… Is that bad? No, we are born sensitive and we take pride in it because if we were not sensitive we would not have reciprocated, no reciprocation means no feelings, no feelings would mean a VOID in life. Imagine what would life be? We would have been ROBOTS then…not WOMEN…

We are emotional because we think from heart. We make mistakes, we learn, we feel sad and our heart bleeds when we see our near ones hurt or in pain, we cry when we feel helpless about something, we feel happy and blush with small gestures, it doesn’t cost a fortune to make a Woman happy if you are true to her. A happy woman is a MYTH is what people say – well i say a HAPPY WOMAN IS A MYTH BECAUSE HER HAPPINESS IS TO KEEP OTHERS AROUND HER HAPPY and it’s not easy to keep everyone around happy but she will try in every possible way to balance things, fear hurting someone, fear losing someone – she lives in constant FEAR – WHY? Why can’t she just think about herself, do what makes her happy, why bother about others? Because we are BORN to CARE…

A woman knows how to stay sane when she has all the reasons to lose her mind, she will spring back and take up the challenges and say TRY ME! WHY is she so resilient? I say she knows how to not give up. No matter how difficult it may be, she will never run away from the situation because she is blessed to do miracles and she knows it deep in her heart that she is being watched and protected by the eternal power who has made her so special in so many ways.

There is so much hype around Women Empowerment these days, I hear everyone giving their opinion and judgement about this topic.



People often talk about gender equality especially at a workplace, though I agree opportunities and platform should be shared equally, however, the TRUTH IS if a WOMAN has the SKILL and WILL she doesn’t need to BEG or PLEAD to be EMPOWERED, she will work hard to build a place of her own in any walk of life to achieve what she has dreamt of as she is BORN EMPOWERED to make her presence felt.

She is truly an Embodiment of God no matter in which form you see her – all you need to do is FEEL AND RESPECT her emotions the way she feels and respects yours. Exceptions are always there and no one is born PERFECT and we know that but we still try…keep trying…always…

We don’t need to wait for the day to thank the special woman we know. Every day is our day, Every Day is a day to Celebrate. I want to celebrate the Success of our Womanhood with you!

On this day, I would like to take a moment to say “Thank you” for being the woman you are…

You hide your struggles and tears with your lovely smile

You lighten up the world with your brightness and light

You manage home, family, yourself like no one else can

You make the world around a better place for everyone around


 Supporting #voiceofwomen #chorusofcourage #wearethepower #respectwomen #onevoiceofwomen #celebratingwomanhood #powerofwomen #womannotaword

P.S – this article is not to offend anyone as it’s my personal viewpoint and I don’t expect everyone to agree with it. I will respect if there is conflict of opinion and expect the same.

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