About Us

Support all Women is an initiative to get women back to work who have been out of jobs for more than 2 years. This initiative is all about 52 Weeks, 52 Mentors and 52 Lives to change – for us, it’s not just about being Successful but being Successful Together and having a strong will to make an impact to change lives for good. We started this campaign to invite everyone to join hands to Support All Women who need us to rise and shine.

Mentors will help them as their career coach and introduce them to their network.

Many advocate the power of Women Empowerment but it reflects only in their words and not in actions. It’s sad that many women still have to go through the biasness because of age, gender, physical attributes and so much more despite having the merit and passion to make a difference in the corporate world. What can we do about this? Just remain a mute spectator? I deny being one and I will stand up for myself and for all my sisters who are going through this discrimination.

Stand up for yourself, and we are there to help, Join hands to get women back to work after a break. If each one of us pledges to promote this campaign, we can truly make a difference.